Our Community Hall has been a gathering place all year round for over 100 years. It’s seen better days and we’ve outgrown it on many levels. Annual costs of operation and maintenance are ever increasing and at some point hard decisions will have to made as to whether to continue to put good money after bad, or to go out and build a new hall. Last year we spoke to Brad Hope, our then Area H RDOS Representative and broached the subject of assisting in the funding if we got community approval for a new hall. Brad was able to commit $75,000 to us and this money has been placed in an RDOS trust account and earmarked for a new hall. We have broached this subject again with our newly elected Area H RDOS Representative, Bob Coyne, and he is considering further monetary support, but we need your emails of support in order to keep going forward and keep ideas original business.

Whether you visit, own, rent or camp in this great community of Tulameen, you can help. You’ve seen what happens in the “Little Town Who Could!” The ice rink has never been more used by so many people since the roof went up. People like you made this happen!

How Can You Help?

By becoming a member of the Tulameen Community Club. You don’t have to live or own here to be a member. You can, however, help us build a new hall. It takes all the people who use the ice rink, the public beach, hiking, mountain or dirt bike trails, geocaching or ride ATVs, snowmobiles or horses; even those who just get away for vacation time with family and friends. Please help us with this amazing addition to our town. Yearly memberships are $15 for an individual, $25 for a couple and $30 for a family. We would appreciate you forwarding this to anyone you know who visits our beautiful little piece of heaven. Join today at www.tulameenbc.com and send us your letter of support to [email protected]. It’s so easy to do. Without the majority of people supporting this endeavor we can’t get the funding going forward. Please help us make this new hall a reality!