RDOS Meeting in Tulameen

RDOS meeting in Tulameen
On February 23, 2023, Tulameen residents met with three Consultants, hired by RDOS, to discuss how the 2022 flood was handled. We were advised they have met with various communities in our region to comprise a list of best practices, regional/local response, Emergency Response Act and recommendations to RDOS. Their findings and recommendations will be submitted to RDOS by the end of April 2023.
We listened, asked questions specifically related to Tulameen and how the flood was handled. Residents clearly expressed how they felt and were treated by RDOS. The consultants were unable to answer our questions but assured everyone the information would be documented.
The Consultants had three categories for us to review and come up with working solutions.
Before a disaster what kind of info do you want to receive and how?
  • Understanding the RDOS; roles & responsibility
  • Alerts, what resources are available
  • Escape routes
  • Disaster Centre for Tulameen
  • Who is in-charge
During a disaster what kind of info do you want to receive and how?
  • Face to face
  • Decision maker (RDOS) available (boots on ground)
  • More human resources, locally
  • Regular, current/acuate updates
  • Central area in Tulameen to receive updates
  • Evacuation area
  • Who is in-charge
  • Financial assistance from government
How as a community member would you be able to assist or contribute during a response?
  • ESS
  • First responders
  • Sand baggers
  • Wellness checks in-person or phone tree
  • Coalmont/Tulameen volunteers are welcome.
Emergency Support Services
ESS provides short term basic support to people impacted by disasters.
Currently two people have volunteered to take on this role; Judy Hassell and Toni Murray.
We are currently looking for more volunteers. If you’re interested, please reach out to Judy Hassell and Toni Murray.