Tulameen Days Pickleball Tourney

8/05/2023 12:30 PM
8/05/2023 2:30 PM


Date:Sat, August 5th Time:12:30-2:30
Cost: $5.00 (Fund Raiser) 

Registration ASAP. Please include first and last name. Email information to Simone Lawrence; [email protected] 

Tournament Format: 

Follow typical Pickleball rules. Scoring will be individual and the score is accumulative; added throughout, to determine winners. 

Partners are selected randomly. Each player will pull a coloured chip from a bag and play with a partner who has selected the same- coloured chip as them. Games last 10 minutes or a score of 11, whichever comes first. There will be 5 minutes between games. Players with the highest accumulative score will play in the final game for a prize. The final game will not be a timed game.

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