Save the Trail!

KVR Trail Preservation Alliance has been formed as a vehicle to keep Government officials, tasked with overseeing the KVR, informed as to what the stakeholders in the area would like to see with regard to the KVR.

Attached is correspondence with various parties and information about the Alliance.  To date, there are over 600 members of the KVR Alliance who are wanting to see it preserved, repaired, amended.. whatever it takes.   It is a part of our history and there are grants available to achieve the desired results.  Why wouldn’t we want to preserve it in our area?

For more information on this, or to join the KVR Trail Preservation Alliance today, email Kim Smith,  [email protected].

20220816 TOTF Letter to MLA Roly Russell RE KVR Repairs

20220804 Letter from Fire Chief Woodford RE KVR Repairs

20220711 Letter from Sgt Hughes RE KVR Repairs

20220617 Letter from ADM Standen RE KVR Repairs

20220527 TOTF Letter to ADM Standen RE KVR Repairs