Mountain bikers, hikers, walkers, quadders, dirt bikers, snowmobilers.. ALL users of the Trans Canada Trail and all other trails in our area…. now is the time to find out what/where/when/how you can and will be able to use the trails now and in the future.

The Trans Canada Trail (the old railbed) is owned by the Provincial Government. The stewardship of the Trail has been granted to the RDOS. The RDOS works with groups like the Vermillion Trails Society to help maintain it. The Regional District representative, Justin Shuttleworth, will be in the Tulameen Community Hall on Friday night to talk about the Trans Canada Trail. Kelley Cook, the Trails Management Person will be there to provide information and answer any questions about heritage trails and the Historic Hudson Bay Trail that will be coming to Tulameen.

Bob Coyne, our Area H Representative, will be there to talk about the China Ridge recreation area just outside of Princeton. Ken Reeve from The Vermillion Trails Society will be there. All of the folks at this event are interested to hear what the trail users are looking for. The Tulameen Community Club knows that this is an important issue to many folks who enjoy the recreation in our area, so have made the Community Hall available to these folks to share their information with you ……

7-8:30 pm, Friday, May 16

If you have any questions and are unable to attend, please contact Kelly Reichert at and she will be able to direct you to the correct person. Also, Ken Reeve from the Vermillion Trails Society will have information at the Tulameen Marketplace on Saturday in the arena, 9-1.

The RCMP could not make this meeting but have said they will come to the next Tulameen Community Club general meeting with more information on the new laws pertaining to use and registration of atv’s and how they will be enforcing them.

Also of note: as of June 1st, 2015, there will be some new legislation in BC that will be introduced that will affect everyone using off-road vehicles in our area!