Hi Everyone,
With the continuing extremely dry season this year, there is still a complete fire ban in our area. So no fireworks, tiki torches, candles, or campfires, this also includes outdoor fireplaces or stoves. CSA approved portable propane campfires, bbq’s and briquettes are permitted, but please do not leave un- attended (for safety have a bucket of water or a hose nearby and clear pine needles and yard waste away from the area being used). Please be careful with cigarettes and extinguish them safely.
For ATV’s and recreation vehicles, they are still banned from the back country. Trucks and 4×4’s are only permitted on existing roads. Over the past week the community has seen an increase of ATV and 4×4 off road activity in our valley. The consequences of a fire in our area right now would be catastrophic please be aware and be safe.
Report ATV and off road use to 911 or RAPP at 1 877 952 7277. The fine is $767
Report any smoke, fires or open burning violation by calling 911 or 1 800 663 5555. The fine is $1,150 for having a campfire, everyone at the campfire will also be fined.
Chief Woodford